Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wander the Garden

You need:
Approx. 50 yards of DK weight yarn Or worsted.     
A bit of scrap yarn (3 different colors so you can have multicolored flowers)
2 Size 6 circular needles needles
2 medium buttons

Co 10 stches (You only need 1 of the needles until further notice)
1. K all
2. K2tog yo
Repeat until it can fit comfortably around your head without being too loose (Wrap it around to measure)
Kitchener stitch the two ends together, being careful not to twist.

Co 4
1. k4
2. k1 m1 k2 m1 k1
3. k6
4. k1 m1 k4 m1 k1
5 and 6.k8
7. k1 k2tog k2 k2tog k1
8. k6
9. k1 k2tog k2tgog k1
10. k4
11. k2tog k2tog
bind off and sew in place.

co 6, slip 3 onto other needles. NOTE: THE ROWS INCLUDE BOTH NEEDLES
1. k6
2. K1 m1 k1, repeat
3. k10
4. k1 m1 k3 m1 k1, repeat
5. k14
6. k1 m1 k5 m1 k1, repeat
7-10. k18
bind off, and help the flower curl up at the edges toward the outside. Sew it in place. so the curled edges stay.
Sew a button in the middle.
 Make 1 more flower if desired, or more.

Enjoy your new headband!

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